When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
-Lao Tze

Recommended Reading

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. Amen, Daniel

The Language of Letting Go. Beattie, Melody

"Now What?" 90 Days to a New Life Direction. Fortgang, Laura Berman

Creative Visualization, Gawain, Shakti

The Power of the Soul, Harbula, Patrick

The Four Agreements, Ruiz, Miguel Luis

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Tolle, Eckhart

Do you have a minute?

Are You Preparing To Retire And Want To Create Your Next Career?
Does Your Present Job Leave You Feeling Unchallenged?
Are You Wanting To Work In A Less Pressured Environment?

Holistic Life Coaching

  • Develop your intuition. Your "sixth" sense or a "gut" feeling is a primary tool for uncovering your life's blueprint. Sources of intuition are your emotions, energy level and physical sensations.
  • Do an exercise where you use your "gut"
  • Manage your beliefs. Are my beliefs really true? Limiting beliefs are below the surface of your consciousness. Learn to surface, name and shift limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs is a skill that takes attention and focus to master.
  • Create Your Possibilities. What do you dream about or hope for in your personal or professional future?
  • Excavating your Life Blueprint You must be ready, willing and able to expand your self awareness, surface and face your blocks, and expand your possibility creating ability.